Homework – Voting In Australia

 The Voting age in Australia was lowed to 18 in 1973.

Question 1. Why do you think this is? 

Answer 1.  I think by allowing more people to vote there will be more outlooks and opinions on what the countries needs are

Question 2.  Do you agree?

Answer 2. Yes I definelty agree because If 18 year olds are considered to be adults where they can legally drink and drive then they are mature enough to vote.

Question 3. Do you think you will be ready to vote when you are 18 years old?

Answer 3. Yes because I want to have my say in who and how the country is ran.

Question 4. Do you think it should be raised or stay the same?

Answer 4. I think it should remain the same at 18 years old because you are mature and able to make the right decisions.

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