Excursion To The Space Science Centre; I had lots of fun and a great time, I’m sure 5R and 5O did as well. It was awesome because we got to do awesome thngs like type on there SUPER COOL computers. My favourite activities were the first two activities because I really like science and technology, […]

Food Review

There is nothing better than freshly cooked KFC my mouth was watery before it went on the table the smell made my nose in heaven. I felt like I was in heaven, the succulent meat with the delicious crunchiness on top of the mouthwatering chicken tenders were to die for. Even better the chips were […]

Blog Guidlines

Blogging Guidelines: 1.No bullying 2.Don’t give out any information about me or you 3.No spamming 4.No negative comments 5.Make sure you don’t post any individual photos of yourself 6.No swearing 7.Only positive vibes 8.Make sure you don’t give away any personal information

Hello world!

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